He’s Perhaps Perhaps Maybe Not Gay, He’s Got Gay Tendencies. You’ve got questions? He’s got answers! Want advice?

We ru camrabbit simply had a quarrel and then he stated you will find males regarding the police who will be within the wardrobe and select to do this. He stated it is easier when it comes to males to disguise their sex than females from the force. Is he offering me signals? Have always been We being paranoid? – “A Sista Would Like To Know”

Dear “A Sista Desires To Know, ”

WOW! Ms. Honey, my goal is to actually arrive at north park myself and knock some feeling into the head. I am talking about actually. You’ve been dating a person whom lives an additional town for the last a decade and then he hasn’t asked you to definitely marry him? Actually, woman.

My goal is to get back to this 1, so let’s target if he’s giving you signals about their sexuality and when you have got a directly to be paranoid.

Okay, wait one minute. Pause. I’m still bugging. He’s within the Bay you’re and area in hillcrest. 10 years of dating with no wedding? WOMAN.

I’ve recollected myself once again. Now, he’s fully mindful of down low women and men because he works together with them in the police. He’s told you about them. He also went as far as to offer a reason of why it is easier for guys to cover their sex than ladies. He’s obviously been talking about the niche with a few of their authorities pals, or possible certainly one of their down police that is low. That does not make him homosexual. He probably was interested to learn there were policemen that are undercover gay he had been dealing with them.

You and inquires about Hillcrest, the largely gay community, now that does raise a flag when he visits.

You and inquires about Hillcrest, the largely gay community, now that does raise a flag when he visits. What’s he inquiring about? But, the very fact he didn’t know it represented someone who was gay that he had on a bracelet with the gay rainbow colors and a short necklace, and. We ain’t buying that reason. He’s a police. I know he has knowledge or happens to be taught to observe individuals, actions, and symbols, particularly the colors that represent the rainbow that is gay in which he is from the Bay area. Naw, that is not traveling by.

But, i want to share one thing you with ladies. Some males, in privacy, at some point or any other, have actually taken their “Johnsons” between their feet to see just what it seems like. I’ve seen men take action playfully into the locker space. Did i do believe these were homosexual? No, perhaps not at all. It is for gags. I do believe some guys have specific fascination to understand what it could seem like if it absolutely was not there. Simply if they had a penis like I think women fanaticize.

But, girl, i actually do think he has got tendencies that are gay is homosexual wondering.

Nevertheless, woman, i actually do think he’s got tendencies that are gay is homosexual inquisitive. Specially following the reality whenever you questioned him and he flipped down. If he’s not gay he then wouldn’t have that upset and stop talking to you. I think you hit a sore spot with him because he might secretly get the gay life fascinating, when I think some men secretly do. We mean think about it, we have been fabulous. We now have enjoyable and now we do not have nagging issue expressing ourselves. Does it suggest their fascination makes him homosexual? No. Does that produce him suspect? No. He does items that would make one suspect him to be gay, but we gather he could be right.

But, Ms. A-Sista-Wants-To-Know, i’m going back again to the known fact he could be another town and also you’ve been dating 10 years. Woman, get yourself a move and grip on. He could be maybe perhaps not planning to marry you. Why should he? He’s getting every thing he desires away from you with no name or paper. I would personallyn’t be amazed if he has got an other woman into the Bay area as he just isn’t to you in north park. Move ahead, honey. We don’t realize women who hold on to a guy since you are hopeful for starters time, or he might, or he’ll alter. WOMAN, Poof! Disappear. – Directly, From Your Own Gay Closest Friend!