Maps and Brochures. Take note: Due to campground expansion in Gold Creek, a few of the facilities shown from the campground maps will likely be relocated

Culture and nature

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Activities Offered At this Park



You can find no recommended climbing that is technical in Golden Ears Park. There’s two hills accessible by official tracks that want intermediate abilities to achieve the peaks. Both are long strenuous hikes needing equipment that is proper experience.

Alouette Mountain is accessed on 11 kilometres of path from Mike Lake with the Incline and Alouette hill Fire Access tracks. A return journey shall just just just take 9 or 10 hours. Make sure to simply take water and expect snowfall well into June.

The Golden Ears are accessed through the western Canyon parking great deal through the West Canyon/Golden Ears Trail. This 12 kilometre trail comes with a elevation modification of 1500 metres. Recommended one of the ways time is 7 hours. The trip that is round an over night expedition for many however the fittest. There are camping sites at Alder Flats and Panorama Ridge, begin to see the wilderness/walk-in camping information. Ascent of this North Ear is made from the left (eastern) part across a snowfield that is permanent. Careful attention is preferred and appropriate equipment is suggested. Water might be scarce beyond Alder Flats. Expect snowfall on Panorama Ridge well into July.



Anybody fishing or angling in British Columbia will need to have a licence that is appropriate. No powerboats or other motorized art are allowed on Mike Lake.


Golden Ears Provincial Park provides a number of possibilities for walking and hiking amongst an environment of lakes, channels, hill peaks and valleys. For the very own security as well as the conservation regarding the park, please maintain designated trails and obey posted signs.

Horse Riding

There clearly was a substantial system of over 20 kilometres of gravel/dirt horse tracks within the park. Check out the park map for horse-specific tracks PDF. Horses aren’t allowed on tracks apart from those designated regarding the park map. A license is just necessary for commercial utilization of the horse trails.

No camping with horses is permitted in park frontcountry (parking lots, day-use areas, or any area significantly less than 1km from the park road), or in the automobile accessible campgrounds. Day-use stopover is allowed during the Southern Beach corral area, but horses must stay in the corral or on a designated horse path.

Please be aware: it really is dangerous for horses to go viewpoint that is past regarding the East Canyon Trail. The area that is floodplain of Creek has mudholes. Horses are not allowed regarding the East/West Canyon Connector Trail while the Gold Creek Bridge.

Animals on Leash

Dogs needs to be for a leash, not any longer than 2 metres long, and in order at all right times, including in campsites, campgrounds as well as on tracks within 1km of the Parkway Road.

Pets/domestic pets aren’t permitted into the areas that are picnic beaches, marked down swimming areas or park structures. Dogs are strictly forbidden during the primary Alouette (South Beach) day-use area, which can be accessible from parking area #2, and from Campers Beach, between Gold Creek and Alouette campgrounds.

Dogs are allowed (on leash) in just two coastline areas: during the North Beach day-use area close to the outflow section of Gold Creek into Alouette Lake and also at the Alouette (South Beach) day-use area between your watercraft launch and also the canoe rental shop, cougar and milf which will be accessible from parking great deal #1.

Tracks beyond 1km associated with the parkway road are considered backcountry and dogs can be off a leash but should be in check all the time. Nonetheless, backcountry areas aren’t suited to dogs or any other animals because of terrain that is rugged wildlife dilemmas together with possibility of difficulties with bears.


There is certainly swimming offered by all campgrounds and day-use areas.

Marked areas that are swimming offered by June 17 to September 5 during the Alouette (South Beach) day-use area and Campers’ Beach between Gold Creek and Alouette Campgrounds. Swimmers outside marked swimming areas should work out caution that is extreme to energy ships running regarding the pond. Take note this is a offense to tamper with or harm life-saving gear during the rescue stations.

Please be aware there are no lifeguards on responsibility at provincial areas.



Facilities Offered By this Park


Boat Release

There is certainly one four-lane concrete area watercraft launch in the south end of Alouette Lake. There clearly was overnight parking available for cars and trailers into the motorboat launch parking area. There isn’t any nearby marina to moor ships instantly. Waterskiing is allowed. It is really not suggested to go out of your ship instantaneously in the water as a result of theft. The park offers watercraft available camping along the pond; begin to see the rustic marine campsites information.

The water level in Alouette Lake may vary considerably due to water management by BC Hydro during months outside the summer season. Boaters should always be specially wary during low-water conditions, as submerged stumps along with other hurdles might be dangerous to navigation.